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IT law

IT law is an amalgamation of different areas of law. IT law issues can be of various kinds and touch on civil law, competition law, copyright law, trademark law, criminal law, data protection and more.

IT law is characterised by the special circumstances of electronic data processing. Dealing with IT law issues requires special knowledge.

At the core of IT law are the legal issues that arise in connection with the creation and operation of hardware and software. These are mainly copyright and licensing law, licence management, data protection and civil law. Typical cases are the legal support of IT projects or the legal representation after their failure, the prevention of software piracy and hacking attacks as well as their prosecution and the operation of web servers from large projects to individual websites.

On the fringes of IT law are cases in which data processing is the means to an end. This concerns online distribution and procurement channels, staff recruitment and development, as well as legal issues concerning the provision of own content and user-generated content.

IT law is considered one of the newer areas of law, created by the new media. In fact, the field of law has existed for decades under the name of IT law.

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